Sep. 2nd, 2015

doctor_fangeek: (Vital Signs)
It has been forever since I last posted a meme fill. Apologies to the lovely [ profile] kanarek13 who has been waiting patiently (if she didn't forget her request entirely), for a tag to one of my [ profile] whitecollarhc advent fics, I'll Be Home for Christmas. She asked for "a tiny timestamp, just one lovely scene of Neal spending Christmas with Peter and El," and I ended up writing ~3900 words (the original fic was about 2900). Oh, well. This fic will work better if you read the first one - much of it may stand on its own, but the first story sets the stage and there are definitely callbacks to it in this one. I had at least one more scene for this in my mind, but then the ending sort of wrote itself and I decided to just go with it. Takes place sometime in Season 2 (post-Fowler, pre-treasure). Sorry it took so long, [ profile] kanarek13 my friend, and I hope you like it.

Story under the cut. )
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