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Title: Welcome to the Family (or, The Great Christmas Tree Controversy)
Rating: G
Characters: Neal, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie
Length: ~4050
Spoilers: None really, unless you are way behind (takes place sometime in Season 2)
Warnings: None
Summary: Peter thought Neal had been doing better, but the holidays don't seem to be helping his mood. And having Neal over for dinner has, mysteriously, made things worse. Fear not, though - Peter, El and Mozzie are on the case.

AN: My entry for the 2013 [ profile] whitecollarhc Advent. Inspired by this prompt from [ profile] rabidchild (though it doesn't really fill it). Big thanks to my good friend [ profile] miri_thompson for the super-helpful brainstorming, and the gang at [ profile] wcwu chat for encouragement and cheerleading. Un-beta'd (as I've been working frantically to finish it somewhere close to on time).

Peter made his way through the terminal )
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