Apr. 11th, 2015

doctor_fangeek: (Matt TNH 1)
Finally getting around to posting the three fills I wrote [livejournal.com profile] elrhiarhodan's most recent Promptfest (number IX).

The first one is a post-series moment, Neal in Paris. The prompt was Power, any character (though it was also partly based on one of the picture prompts from [livejournal.com profile] kanarek13). I went with Power, Peter. (475 words)

Fic Here. Prompt: Power, any character (Peter) )

The remaining two fills are kind of companion pieces. The first of the two that I wrote is another post-series character exploration, this time Elizabeth. The prompt was 'Elizabeth, evidence.' (568 words).

Elizabeth, Evidence )

The second is actually set during the finale and focuses on Peter. The prompt was "Peter, Cowboy Up." (643 words).

Peter, Cowboy Up )
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