Dec. 24th, 2014

doctor_fangeek: (forging bonds Neal)
Title: The Uninvited Guest
Rating: PG
Length: ~5400
Spoilers: None. Pre-series story
Characters: Neal, Elizabeth, Peter
Summary: Peter is working late (again), when Elizabeth has an unexpected visitor. Comfort (and a bit of chaos) ensues.

AN: My entry for the 2014 [ profile] whitecollarhc Advent. Original posting date was the 23rd, but when another author asked to post an extra story I agreed to move to today. No complaints here, as I was re-reading and editing earlier this evening. I was pretty blocked - unable to write anything, really - until after the finale aired...and then I ended up writing a pre-series fic. :-)  Not beta read, as I was still finishing up today, but big thanks to the gang from wcwu chat, especially [ profile] kanarek13 and [ profile] sheenianni, for a great brainstorming session that helped me firm up some of the details. Additional thanks to [ profile] aragarna and [ profile] theatregirl7299 for adding to the conversation, to [ profile] theatregirl7299 for a bunch of 'Word Wars' that helped get this story written, and last, but absolutely not least, to [ profile] kanarek13 for the amazing cover art!

Story under the cut. )
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