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Title: Letters to Santa
Rating: Gen
Length: ~2500
Spoilers: Post-series fic
Characters: Neal (with brief appearances by Mozzie, Peter & Sarah)
Summary: Neal Caffrey has a terrible track record where letters to Santa (or approximations thereof) are concerned...

AN: My entry for the 2016 whitecollarhc Advent. In a bizarre plot twist, unlike the last two years I'm getting this posted before I leave to drive to my mom's, rather than semi-frantically finishing it up at her place while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. Hurt of the emotional kind. Definitely comfort, eventually. Not beta read, as I finished last night and did a quick review/edit this morning. Thanks are again due to my good friend jrosemary for the word wars during which I wrote the bulk of this.

When Neal Caffrey was four... )
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For some reason I ended up posting this story directly to the [ profile] runthecon community, rather than linking back to my LJ from my post like everyone else, and since not everyone on my friends list is part of the comm, I figured I ought to post the story here as well.

Title: Safe Harbor

Author: [ profile] doctor_fangeek
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Neal, June
Word Count:1494
Warnings: None
Summary: Takes place toward the end of the series finale, with flashbacks to Pilot and the 1st part of Season 2. Neal goes to June for help with his series-ending con. Reflection ensues.
Authors Note: My [ profile] runthecon contribution, for the prompt "If you could read my mind" from [ profile] elrhiarhodan. The comm is a flash writing challenge, where participants post their fic and tag the next person, who then has 24 hours from the time of the tagging to write and post their own story. Thanks to Elr for tagging me on the Saturday of a long holiday weekend, when I actually had a chance of writing something (double thanks if it was intentional). I was somewhat liberal in my use/interpretation of the prompt, but this is where it took me.

June understood. But really, she always had. )
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