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I have been way, way absent from LJ for too long now, other than to post a few White Collar stories written for Run the Con and WC Pairings. I came into work to pull some plates out of the incubator (that had to come out this morning) and to try to get a last-minute recommendation letter written (the student is a really great young man and the last minute part is largely not his fault), and I saw this meme and figured what the heck, it shouldn't take too long. Ganked from [ profile] elrhiarhodan and [ profile] sinfulslasher.

Begin each answer with the last letter of the previous answer...go!
Name: Doctor_Fangeek
Animal: Kangaroo
Girl's name: Olivia
Color: Aqua
Movie: Aliens
Something you wear: Sweater
Drink: Riesling
Food: Grapes
Item in the bathroom: Soap
Place: Portland
Reason to be late: Doctor's office was running behind that took a little longer than I thought, but it was fun.
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