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So I don't really have that many stories, nor do I have a ton of other kinds of posts on this journal, but recently a friend was asking me if I had a master list for my fic, and I guess it can't hurt to make my stories (humble though the collection may be) easier to find.  And thus, I bring you doctor_fangeek's White Collar fic list:

Short Fic/Ficlets:

Untitled Ficlet #1
Untitled promptfest ficlet (the prompt was "Neal - Stars)." This is the first White Collar piece I ever finished, as well as the first one I posted.  Thanks to [ profile] elrhiarhodan, wonderful hostess of many a Promptfest, for providing the forum that got me started writing and posting White Collar fic.  Neal in prison after the plane explodes. (297 words)

Windy Days and Wishes
Three windy days in the life of Neal Caffrey (and some important people in his life). (946)

Five Moments

It's 5 am when Peter gets the call that Neal is out of his radius (though this is really an Elizabeth story). More promptfest.  A bit of Neal whump and H/C.  El POV. (1925)

Going to the Dogs
A couple of ficlets featuring the White Collar canines. "
Broken Routine" (nighttime routines in Satchmo's house) and "What a Little Dog Knows" (Bugsy and what a little dog knows about power). (662, 162)

Blake - Anticipation and Satchmo - Smooth n Neal - Defiance and June - Collector
The stories on these two pages don't have anything to do with each other.  I just had four ficlets (from the Promptfest that was running at the time), and had to split them into two posts.  Probie Blake gets a pick me up from Jones (341).  Satchmo's POV on trouble brewing with Neal (570). A possible future for Neal and Peter (Peter thought he could change Neal - could he?) (675). June is a collector of beautiful things (67 words of sentence fic).

This started as a response to a writing challenge at a fan gathering in Chicago, which turned into my contribution to a challenge on the HC community.  And then, next thing I knew, there was a sequel.  Not sure if there will be more.

Find My Way Home
Peter never imagined anyone could have such an affinity for mystical de-aging objects.  Then again, Neal Caffrey is good at defying expectations.  And Peter is good at finding Neal Caffrey.  De-aged Neal, posted as part of the Kid!Fic Challenge n [ profile] whitecollarhc. (~1300)

Kid Fears
Neal's strange affinity for de-aging objects continues.  But what happens if Peter isn't there to find him when he's lost?  Posted for Caffrey-Burke Day 2012. (~6360)

Sentence Fic, Ho!

No, really, each story is just one sentence...
Twenty-nine sentences of White Collar fic (some more succinct than others, and some fairly tortured).  From the first "Single Sentence Challenge" Promptfest.  They may just be sentences, but I kind of like them.

Some slightly longer fare:

Five Times Peter Burke Didn't Arrest Neal Caffrey
The title pretty muc is he summary.  Features a bit of both Neal!Whumpag and eter!Whumpage.  Pre-series cat-and-mouse between Peter and Neal.  This is actually the first White Collar story I ever wrote (or at least the first one I *started* writing), and I still really like it. (~5300)

On the Trail
Old West AU
Bounty hunter Peter Burke is on the trail of the notorious confidence man and safe-cracker, Neal Caffrey.  I'm still not sure about the title (I needed to come up with something o I could post it), and the ending is really not the end of the bigger story of these two.  Maybe I'll go back to this 'verse some day. (3023)

Clothes Make the Man (The 'In the Rain' Radio Mix)
One possible future (there’s something different about Neal, if Peter can just put his finger on it…. ). Written for [ profile] wcpairings, which was a hugely fun WC fic exchange.  If you haven't seen it, it produced a whole bunch of amazing stories and you should check it out.  The prompt I was writing to was, "Neal barefoot in the rain.  Peter watching."  A little slice of life from Peter's POV, immediately post-anklet. (2261)

Learning How to Bend
The three of them are still learning what it takes to make this relationship work, but there's no question it's worth the effort.  Luckily for Peter and Neal, they have El.  And ice cream.  A little bit of post-anklet domestic OT3, written for Round 2 of the wonderfu [ profile] wcpairings exchange. (3715)

I'll Be Home for Christmas

This was not the way Neal Caffrey planned on spending Christmas Eve.  And it was just a little too close to another Christmas Eve from his past for comfort.  My entry for the 2012 White Collar H/C Advent on [ profile] whitecollarhc. (~2900)

Longer Fic:

Awake My Soul
Okay, so this is the only fic in this category so far, but someday, maybe, there will be more.  
A sort of AU mirror of Season 3.0, where the jumping off point is, "What if Peter decided t talk o Neal?" at some point after he found the scrap of painting.  The rest sort of dominoes from there.  Pre-OT3.  Written for the lovely [ profile] elrhiarhodan. (~19,600)

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