Dec. 24th, 2016

doctor_fangeek: (Neal-Prison)
Title: Letters to Santa
Rating: Gen
Length: ~2500
Spoilers: Post-series fic
Characters: Neal (with brief appearances by Mozzie, Peter & Sarah)
Summary: Neal Caffrey has a terrible track record where letters to Santa (or approximations thereof) are concerned...

AN: My entry for the 2016 whitecollarhc Advent. In a bizarre plot twist, unlike the last two years I'm getting this posted before I leave to drive to my mom's, rather than semi-frantically finishing it up at her place while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. Hurt of the emotional kind. Definitely comfort, eventually. Not beta read, as I finished last night and did a quick review/edit this morning. Thanks are again due to my good friend jrosemary for the word wars during which I wrote the bulk of this.

When Neal Caffrey was four... )
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